Hot Sale Barbed Wire Stainless Steel Metal Sheet Cutter Electric Clippers Cutting Scissor

Hot Sale Barbed Wire Stainless Steel Metal Sheet Cutter Electric Clippers Cutting Scissor
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SCA1 electric pruning shears (complete set of instruments of scissors


to the garden and orchards)




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The technical parameters:
The electric shears by cutting knife, integrated (control) circuit, motor, speed reducer and power supply (lithium battery). When pulled two times starting switch controller of brushless motor, the cutting knife 12 times per minute and 9 by star reducer, the shearing effect of tree leaves.
Operating instructions and precautions:
The scope of application
1 apple, pear, peach, red bayberry, lychee and other fruit trees pruning; especially suitable for mulberry pruning.
The 2 municipal plastic garden trees pruning.
3 nursery gardening flowers, such as pruning pruning.
4 orchard fruit harvest and coarse base shear.
The operation steps
1 for the first time using this pruning shears, the lithium battery charger with attached (with shear attachment) charge (220 V AC) after charging, unplug the power plug.
2 the lithium battery in the battery pocket, while the power line is correctly inserted into the lithium battery and cut fruit plug and tighten.
3 will be tied to the waist of the battery pack, to adjust the position of the bear.
4 open the battery power switch, so that the scissors in standby state.
5 of the two consecutive scissors scissors head open, the trigger to start work.
6 at the end of the operations, the first trigger, the scissors is closed, and then turn off the power switch, unplug the power.
The operating instructions
1 this product is suitable for the pruning of fruit trees, gardening and other branches, is strictly prohibited to cut other objects.
2 avoid cutting over the dry, strong, too thick branches, so as not to damage the machine.
3 in the shear process if the shear knife in branches, blade will automatically stop shear, only need to gently shake the card you can get rid of the knife and the branches.
4 pruning shears pruning is not vertical shear, and should take the edge along the branches of oblique shear to shear, smooth and prolong the service life.
5 pruning shears running, not open or remove the shell.
6 when using the hand to touch the shear knife and other parts, to prevent cutting off the finger or cause other damage.
7 days and the prohibition of the use, to prevent circuit damage and produce safe accident.
1 maintenance pruning shears, need to turn off the power.
2 full power battery backup before each operation.
3 every time after use, wipe with wet cloth to clean the knife and put on antirust oil on it, if the blade is not sharp blunt, available grindstone will shear blade sharpening.
4 if the shear cutter wear, and cannot be replaced. The sequence of steps are: remove the cover, unscrew the big nut, remove large screws, remove the old knife, a new shear knife, lock the big nut (large nut end back 1/4 circle, to avoid the knife tight contact).
5 tighten all fastening screws regularly to ensure safety.
6 non manufacturers designated professionals, not to remove the product.
7 usually stored in children can not contact, in order to avoid danger
8 if not used for a long time, need to be filled with power battery before storage, so as to avoid the battery to discharge and scrap.
9 a long time, the surface should be clean shears, daub on the shearing blades, stored in dry indoor environment anti pressure, moistureproof, sunscreen, shall not be placed directly on the ground.